Thursday, December 14, 2006

JAQ 'o' Trades - 1

1. This company is known for selling, among other things, pre-fabricated houses, but its bestseller is Swedish meatballs. In the past few years the copies of its catalog distributed has been more than that of the Bible . Name the company.


2. Which is the only Public Limited Company in India known for holding several Annual General meetings in a stadium.

-- Reliance Industries

3. What is the Indian Ad jingle that has the same tune as 'Jingle Bells' christmas carol.
hint: think painkiller

-- Zandu Balm

4. Which is the only company mentioned by Osama bin Laden in an April 2004 tape, in which he claims that "this is a war [iraq war] that is benefitting major companies with billions of dollars".

-- Halliburton



The very first logo of which famous IT company? The subsequent logo had the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order.

-- Apple Computer Inc.


Who is this legend?!

-- Akio Morita

Identify this car. It is a common casestudy in Business Ethics.

-- Ford Pinto

The product placement of this candy in a 1982 movie increased the candy's sale by 65%. What was the movie?

-- E.T., The ExtraTerrestrial

Shrinidhi Rai: 2
praneeth reddy: 5
vinesh kumar: 6
Varadha: 4
ritika s: 2
rabi sankar saha: 7
abhinav mouli: 5
sailoraditya: 6
Rohit Jain: 2
Prateek Vijayavargia: 3
Balaji Krishnan: 1
Murali Duggineni: 5
aniruddha biswas: 2
anubhav chatterjee: 2
quizinc: 4
Anant Singhania: 3
Sangeetha Msundram: 7
Rohan D'Souza: 6
bizquizlover: 1
shiv das: 2
Santanu Dey: 5
Nithin R Rao: 5